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The National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners ®
recognizes Skinsight as our Preferred Consumer Resource for Skin Health

Skinsight has integrated medical images with intelligent medical technology. These resources facilitate learning and patient self-care, provide information about possible treatment options, and help consumers determine if a trip to their healthcare provider is advised.

Skinsight is an expert endorsed, trusted consumer online wellness and health care resource for individuals seeking skin health information for themselves, friends, or family.

All nurse practitioners can feel comfortable and confident referring their patients to these Skinsight resources, as demonstrated by the fact that they have received the following awards:

Webby Awards - "Oscars of the Internet" nominated for 2008 Best Consumer Health Web Site
Consumer Health Awards - World-wide recognition, 2nd place winner for 2008 Best Health Web Site
Web Marketing Association - 2007 WebAward for outstanding achievement in Web site development